Let's Start Building Community Together

Where do I start?

Thank you.

Thank you first to the residents and electors of Ward 9 for placing your faith in me. I feel a deep obligation to honour your support with hard work to address the priorities we identified for our Ward.


I would also like to thank Hilary Payne for his decades of service to the community, including two terms as our Ward Councillor. I have not always agreed with Hilary Payne on the issues; I believe he approached public service with sincerity and conviction.

Alex Aggarwal, who also ran in Ward 9, brought interesting ideas into the race and engaged the campaign with passion and earnestness. I know he worked extremely hard and he has earned my respect.

I have been fortunate enough over the years to have the opportunity to work on community issues with so many incredible people in our City and region. Many of you offered your time, energy, expertise and yes, your heart. This list of folks (I am proud to say) is long and chalked-full of many of the best people I have ever met.

I do want to specifically acknowledge Brian Hogan, Mark Vander Voort, Phil Lyons, Michelle Johnson and Leilani Legronio as well as Chad Goebel and Natalie Popovic from the Labour community who all stepped up in a very big way to support our work.

My friends from Bike Windsor Essex, specifically Lori Newton and Oliver Swainson, your work in the community is nothing short of stellar and your willingness to work with our campaign and your openness to allowing us to help deliver the message of the importance of active transportation was greatly appreciate. I think we moved the needle - let’s keep moving the needle.

To my core team – Jody Percy, Sarah Morris, Jim Vander Voort and Mo Peer … we did it. Years of planning, culminating with months of endless emails and WhatsApp messages, late night meetings, time away from family, friends and other personal commitments to work on our Ward campaign. I am humbled by your talent and sincere desire to make the community a better place for all and am honoured to be your friend.


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