October 22nd Will Define The Future For Ward 9

WINDSOR - After having spoken to thousands of residents across Ward 9, located in Windsor’s South-East, Kieran McKenzie, Windsor City Council Candidate for Ward 9 has identified key areas of concern as well as priority that will ensure that future development in the City moves forward with a key consideration at the centre of the process: sustainability.

Ward 9 is unique in the City of Windsor in that has seen consistent and significant expansion and development over several decades, including up to today. Moreover, it is the part of the City that will continue to see growth. 

Unfortunately, in the developed, developing parts of the Ward many mistakes have been made. McKenzie wants to take those lessons to ensure that they are not repeated: “Ward 9 is the part of the City that has grown and will continue to grow. Unfortunately development has not kept pace with investment and as a result we have created a number of issues we need to remediate across the Ward. In this rural section of Ward 9 we must not repeat the mistakes of the past.” McKenzie stated. 

McKenzie noted that the rural section is already developing: “There have already been major investments that have proceeded in the rural section of Ward 9, as well as commercial zoning and licensing. Those investments are impacting quality of life and public safety for people living in the developing sections of Ward, similar to how we have seen a lack of investment affecting people living in the more urbanized section Ward 9. We must do better to develop sustainably.” McKenzie added.

 After election day on OctoberMcKenzie is hoping to address these issues as the Windsor City Councillor in Ward 9.


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