Campaign Continues Building Community Together

WINDSOR, WARD 9 – With the advance poll period beginning for the municipal election in the city of Windsor, Kieran McKenzie City Council candidate in Ward 9 is working with cyclists to try to increase voter engagement. Voter participation rates across the city and in the ward were very low in 2014, only 35% of Windsorites voted in the 2014 municipal election.

Throughout the campaign McKenzie has been working to increase participation by engaging voters in a variety of ways. An inventive technique McKenzie is adopting to promote greater engagement is working with cyclists to help remind people in the  community that they have the opportunity to vote in the advance polls beginning on Saturday October 6th.

McKenzie talked about his plan to drive up voter engagement: “Throughout this campaign I’ve been working to engage citizens as much as possible on the issues be it directly on door steps, over the phone, on social media as well as through the mainstream media. Through this process I hope to people will develop a greater sense of investment in the election. Today, in partnership with a very engaged group of citizens, we are going to remind residents in Ward 9 that they have a convenient and easy option to go vote.” McKenzie stated.

McKenzie is working with people in the local cycling community to “Get out the Vote” for the Advance Polls. “This partnership, in addition to addressing democratic engagement also demonstrates how cycling as well as being a terrific leisure activity is also an important part of daily life. People use their bike to go to work, school or just about any other thing that would involve getting somewhere. Today, we are using bikes to try to drive voter participation.” McKenzie added.

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