Leveraging Existing Strengths


Friends, we have a tremendous opportunity in front us in Ward 9. Our Ward is the only Ward in the City that does not host a Community Centre or a Library – this means we have the chance to create a facility that enhances quality of life for people in the area as well as across the entire community.

I’ve spoken to many residents, there are so many of us who love the Devonwood Conservation Area located in the heart of our Ward. This 38 hectare urban forest features over 4.5 kms of trails for walking or biking. It has been suggested that no other woodland in Canada features a greater diversity of Oak trees and is home to a great variety of animal species!

In talking with residents of our Ward about this wonderful feature, the idea of creating a nature focused library/community centre near the conservation area has been a popular one. Imagine, a place where people of all ages can learn about nature with a living laboratory in close proximity and the facility and resources to study it.

I am committing to continuing to advocate for the investments we deserve in Ward 9. We have been patiently waiting for a Library/Community Centre for a long time. With this concept we have an interesting opportunity in front of us that leverages an existing strength – the Devonwood Conservation Area – into something more wonderful.

Wherever we make this vision a reality, I remain committed to working with people to ensure our Ward sees investments that make Windsor and our part of it a terrific place to live. Building Community Together is how we make that happen.


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