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A Sustainable Development Plan for Ward 9

Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

-United Nations - Brundtland Report

Growth and Development has always been a big part of the story in Ward 9. I want to frame the discussion with the quote above, taken from the United Nations study on sustainable development to highlight in a nutshell how I believe we need to move forward to make Windsor a City that Works Everyone.

Ward 9 is a terrific part of the City to live in. We are close to the E.C. Row and the 401, there is ample shopping with the Devonshire Mall, the Walker South Commercial District as well on Dougall, Cabana and Walker Rd. Ward 9 features several nice parks in neighbourhoods and of course – wonderful people.

Unfortunately, and as all of us who live in Ward 9 know there are some serious problems. Our Ward is a part of the City that has been continually growing and expanding. Commercial and residential investment and growth has been significant over the years but it hasn’t been dovetailed with appropriate investments in the infrastructure required to support growth or services/amenities to ensure that Windsor is a City that works for all residents of Ward 9.

This point was starkly made to many of our friends and neighbours when thousands of basements flooded across the City, many in our Ward, including mine. Massive flooding due to capacity inadequacy is simply put not acceptable.

The pace of development has not been aligned with infrastructure investment. Traffic congestion is getting worse, it’s harder to reach some of the great destinations we have in Ward 9 that are in some cases just around the corner.

We continue to grow without sufficient investment to ensure the growth is sustainable. We have a lot of work to do in our Ward to correct the mistakes of the past we do not need to add more. We need to build City that works for everyone.

Ward 9 can be a Ward that works for everyone if we:

  • Continue to invest in infrastructure to support the growth we have already seen.
  • Work to eliminate road congestion by addressing choke points with new ideas, diversifying transportation options and prioritizing public safety.
  • Consider everyone when development does move forward
  • Work Together to identify problems and develop solutions
  • Remain focused on the goals

Here I’ve identified some of the problems we have in our Ward (pictured here). I would love to keep this conversation going so please email me any suggest you want to bring to into this discussion.

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