Walk Wheel Ward 9


Kieran McKenzie, candidate for Windsor City Council in Ward 9 is launching WALK WHEEL WARD 9. Throughout the municipal campaign McKenzie intends to augment the City of Windsor public consultation process to help specifically inform the Master Transportation Plan study process with a Ward 9 perspective. Walk Wheel Ward 9 project was launched today with a consultation Ward Ride with Bike Windsor Essex.

Early this year the City launched a Transportation Master Plan consultation process called Walk Wheel Windsor. The project is an 18 month undertaking launched in early 2018 that is seeking to engage residents in a public policy development process aimed at developing a new Transportation Master Plan moving forward.

McKenzie explained why he is launching Walk Wheel Ward 9: “Elections represent incredible opportunities for the community to engage in a conversation. I know that transportation is a significant concern in this Ward and I want to ensure that as we move through this process that the issues in Ward 9 are articulated and addressed. That is how we build community together.”

McKenzie’s website will feature an online survey for residents of Ward 9 to engage the conversation as well as flyer for residents to fill out. There will be portals available to engage through social media as well as over the phone.

McKenzie will be drawing on his Policy Development experience to develop a consultation process that will give the greatest number of residents of Ward 9 an opportunity to be engaged in a critical discussion about where they live: “Having worked on transportation and infrastructure issues for so many years in this community I know how important it is to continuously be in touch with residents to understand what is affecting quality of life and what can be done to improve it for people.” McKenzie added.

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