Infrastructure Investment Must Be Our Priority

Infrastructure, infrastructure and more infrastructure...this issue comes up time and again on doorsteps as I’ve been canvassing during this campaign.  I recognize that this has been a dominant issue across the entire city but  our infrastructure issues in Ward 9 are particularly serious and must be a priority going forward.  

Ward 9 continues to see substantial investment and growth.  Increased density in locations such as the commercial district along Walker Rd, new housing developments near Talbot Trail School, along with other residential projects already slated, are a clear indication that we need to further prioritize infrastructure investment to stay in front of this growth.

Increasingly people are recognizing that Ward 9 is a great place to locate in our City and they are right.  Unfortunately the growth in Ward 9 has occurred without parallel upgrades to our infrastructure. This is creating traffic congestion; making it difficult to get from one place to another as well as creating a public safety problem in our neighbourhoods with increased “cut through” traffic.

Investment must be managed with sustainability in mind. In Ward 9 the main arterial roads must be enhanced to accommodate increased traffic in the future, and to alleviate the traffic congestion we are already experiencing. Increasing transportation options will also help reduce congestion (i.e. bike lanes and improving public transit) and augment public safety.

Less time spent in traffic means more time spent with family and loved ones, and increased productivity for local business—Let’s get started.

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